Our Stories at Tao Healing Center

“Since coming to the Tao Healing Center and attending classes, as well as a couple of retreats at Mago Resort Sedona, I have particularly noticed how dramatically my immune system has improved. I have learned to speak more from my heart than from my head.  Also to feel my emotions without letting them control me.  I have a renewed sense of peace and of clarity about my life and my future. Thank you so much, Chun and Wonderful Staff at Tao Healing Center!”


“I first discovered the Tao Center through the Finding True Self Retreat at the Mago resort near Sedona.  It was life changing.  I decided to join the center and every aspect of my life changed almost immediately. Every area of my life improved.  My relationships improved.  I gained the ability to handle life’s ups and downs with tremendous ease.  I would highly recommend the Tao Center to anyone interested in improving any area of their life.  It is truly magical.”


“Tao Healing Center has changed my life. Strange but true! I limped through the door 3 years ago with the threat of hip replacement hanging over my head. Today I am fitter and healthier than 20 years ago. AND I have had no surgery. Healed from the inside out with extraordinary human beings.”


“My focus is becoming more centered on my body. Concentrating on pain helped for pain to leave. I am more in tune with my body talk.”


“I came to TAO center 3 years ago. I was feeling helpless, hopeless and my energy level was not at its best. TAO gave me the tools to use my soul and body to heal myself in every aspect of my life. I have taken some workshops and I became a TAO guide. Living TAO is living in the moment and being able to apply it in every aspect of my life. I know that when I don’t practice TAO, my body and soul are out of tune to deal with any outside stressors. I feel blessed.  I found TAO Center and the wonderful teachers and members that attend the center. “


Our Stories at Tao Healing Center

“Finding the Tao Center and learning about the exercises and ideas has been one of the most helpful experiences of my life. I have tried many things to help my mind and body to feel healthy, calm and at peace. Few other experiences have accomplished what I experienced at the Tao Center. Whether I am dealing with stresses at work or in my personal life I have come to rely on the Tao Center to help me to ground my mind and body in a more peaceful way of seeing the world. In the time that I have been going to the Tao Center I have watched my life change dramatically for the better. And the funny thing about it is that all I had to do was stop thinking and feel. The rest took care of itself.”


“Tao practice has improved (and continues to improve) every single facet of my life. My path has become more clear to me; my journey more rich and coherent. I now have the tools, knowledge, and vocabulary to heal, understand, and express myself in a way not previously possible.”


Our Stories at Tao Healing Center

“I am so very grateful to Chun, Yoon and the entire Tao Healing Center family. I have just begun attending classes the past two months and have already participated in the Finding True Self Retreat at the Sedona Mago Retreat. I have to share that I haven’t felt this grounded and centered in over a year and am so glad to have “ME” back again. I’ve had some serious health issues clear up completely… So much so that my doctor at my last visit told me that he doesn’t need to see me until 2018 and to “keep up with whatever you are doing because it is definitely working!” Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart and the top of my consciousness.”


“Ah, the THC. The unassuming little hole in the wall where I learned how to be free.

8 months ago, I came to the Tao Center—distressed, afraid, sad, regretful, anxious, self-conscious—you name it, I held onto it like my life depended on it. I was mired in my negative emotions; clogged physically, mentally and spiritually. I had been afflicted with a condition called “Crohn’s Disease” for 8 years, and had allowed it to control my life. And despite all this, I barely even realized that something needed to change! How desensitized we become to our own suffering.

After attending “Finding True Self” and consistently practicing at the Tao Center for 8 months, I have improved immensely. I breathe better, I sleep better, I feel better in every way. Despite my condition, I now live an extremely “regular” life.

I have learned confidence in myself—to trust myself and heed my natural intuition. I have learned a greater sense of love—for myself and others—and am learning to live through this love every single day. I am discovering a new way of life: the way we were meant to live. My eyes have opened to the greatest gift of all: The Present!”