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Tao Detox Program

The Tao Detox Program are for those looking to completely detox the Mental, Physical and Emotional Body from toxins, negativity, stagnant energy to feel refreshed, restored, and renewed!

An Innovative & Experiential Way for a Healthy Lifestyle Change to obtain optimal Weight, Immunity, Strength and Mental Clarity.

Through this Detox Program, you will detoxify your body, learn to rewire your brain for a slimmer body and a healthier lifestyle, regain your natural sense of healthy eating, and boost the energy of your body and brain.

For Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Detox

  • Stress To Strength

  • Emotions Management

  • Morning Meditation to develop Intuition

  • Spiritual Coaching

Price Options

  • Offered Virtually & In-Person, daily or a few times per week. Schedule is Flexible.

  • 10 days for comfortable transformation: $1900 (20 hrs) $95/hr

  • 21 days for deeper transformation: $3500 (42 hrs) $83/hr

  • 6 weeks for complete transformation: $6500 (84 hrs) $77/hr

    * 10% off for over 2 people

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What’s Included:

  • Detox Yoga & Qi Qong Classes

  • Private physical and energetic evaluation

  • Position Therapy

  • Private Meridian Healing

  • Guideline for Detox Diet: Nutrition & Digestion of Healthy Lifestyle

  • Organ Detox Exercises & Awareness Training: Cleansing Intestines, Healing all Organs

  • Basic Principles of the 5 elements and associated organ health & the re-balancing of those energies

  • Develop Healthy Lifestyle: Aqua Immersion, longevity walking etc.

  • Re-design your daily life for Healthy Lifestyle

Benefits Can Include:

  • Gain the Strength for your physical & emotion body

  • Enhanced Clarity about yourself & life

  • Weight Loss

  • Emotional Balance

  • Relief from pain & health conditions

  • Improved Vital Energy

  • More restful sleep

  • Elimination of excess toxins and mucus

  • Decreased signs of physical aging

  • Increased ability to manage stress

  • Freedom from past emotional issues

  • Principles and tools to develop a more rounded and balanced character