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For the life you always envisioned by finding and living your fullest potential.

What is Manifesting Abundance Within?

Everything moves at its own pace. Nature is no exception. As children of nature, we too have our own pace and timing for all things. How can you possibly know when it is your time? How can you prepare for it? And how can you manifest what you want within your lifetime?

First you need to know what is most important and valuable in your life. What truly matters to you? How has your attitude been towards those things? Have you really focused on what you really needed, or wasted your energy on what you wanted?

We often keep our wishes and dreams in our brain and think, “It may not happen to me”“It’s just a dream” or, “I have no luck”. We don’t try to pursue the abundance such as better relationships, happiness, better health, or finance. Instead, we give up easily, and allow ourselves to fall back into the cycle of our past habits or external influences.

‘The key to Abundance is your own dedication and passion. Vitamin H (Hope) is from Within!’

But still, the desire of ‘a better Self’, and ‘a better Life’ visit us unconsciously. It pesters us during our waking and sleeping lives; a constant reminder to a brighter future. What if our lives are not pre-determined by destiny, but rather, it is a matter of your energy habits, personal choice, commitment, and it is up to your attitude and focus to create your own destiny?

Find out how you can use your energy system to manage this power, and what you are supposed to truly focus on.


  • $395
    Two Day Workshop
  • $350
    Early-bird Registration
    (2 weeks prior to workshop start date)

2019 Schedule:

  • Mar 23-24
  • May 18-19
  • Jul 27-28
  • Oct 19-20

(All dates subject to change)


Tao Healing Center – Chandler

(1840 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85224)


  • The Manifesting Abundance Within workshop runs from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm on Saturday & Sunday.
  • A 2 hour reinforcement session will be scheduled locally afterwards to help you to live your True Self. For non-local participants, 4 webinars will be offered for your support.
  • Upon registration, you will receive an email regarding what to bring and how to prepare.
  • Most of the activity takes place indoors.

For more information & to register, call us: 480-786-6000

Manifesting Abundance Within consists of:

  • Deep insight of what truly matters in life
  • The science of releasing
  • Redefining your sense of self-worth
  • How to activate and balance your energy field
  • How to unleash your highest vibrational signal
  • How to activate magnetism within you
  • Increasing your vibration to resonate and attract positivity
  • Trusting the vision in your Pineal Gland
  • Staying devoted to your soul

Benefits, Achievements & Expectations:

  • Clarity about what you are supposed to focus on
  • The divine value of your soul’s purpose
  • Elevating and pricing your true Value
  • Accepting abundance consciousness
  • Accumulating your energy instead of leaking it out
  • Be inspired to explore how you can incorporate those gifts into relationships, work and life
  • Acquire the tools to manifest in your life what truly matters for your health, happiness & peace