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Finding Greatness Within for Teens and Young Adults

In this fun one day workshop, teens ages 15-19 learn to release stress from their bodies, how to manage stress more effectively, find their “Inner Greatness”, and learn how to increase their focus on what they truly want.

In support of the Tao Healing Center’s mission to “Widely Benefit All” (Hong Ik), donations and membership fees of the center members are circulated to help teens. Through their heartfelt contributions, we are able to offer the workshop free to some teens, while the rest can attend with just a $50 minimum donation made to the center.

Scheduling Details


Chandler Tao Healing Center (1840 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85224)


$50 minimum donation ($125 value) for one day workshop (9am-5pm)

For more information & to register, call us: 480-786-6000

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