Frequently Asked Questions

“What makes Tao Healing Center unique?”

  • THC focuses entirely on one’s body condition and energy state.
  • THC encourages practitioners to listen to their innate voice of wisdom to create inner energies of natural self-healing.
  • THC helps you develop a sense of friendliness with yourself and therefore manifest a sustained bond of empathy for your own self.
  • THC helps you develop true self-love and the ability to see what habits and thoughts you have that dictate your life patterns.
  • THC helps you manifest this bond of self-empathy by focusing on and respecting your own body.
  • THC provides assistance for class selection and offers a consultation every month.
  • THC offers a wide variety of types of classes: energy yoga, qigong, mindfulness, diet and more.
  • THC helps you modify any class based on your body’s needs. We are always here to listen, feel free to share your feeling after class.
  • THC makes classes healing, enjoyable, safe, and joyful for your physical, energy and spiritual body.
  • THC is a community of healthy minded people for healthy individuals, family and friends.

“Can I try a class without joining?”

Yes! You can make an appointment online or visit Tao Healing Center to try a class before signing up for a membership.

“What do I wear for class?”

We recommend that you come to class in loose-fitting clothes. When you’re sweating and detoxifying in our classes, your pores want to be as open as possible so that toxins can leave your body freely.

“What are the best classes to start?”

The best classes to take are the ones you enjoy! All of our classes can help you. Attend class at least two to three times a week to see and feel changes. Consistency is vital. No excuses! 🙂

“Which classes help reduce stress?”

Every class helps reduce stress. 🙂

“Are gift certificates available?”

Yes! All amounts. No expiration dates. Enjoy!

“Do you offer student and spouse discounts?”

Yes! College students and spouses receive a 50% discount.

“If I travel more than 1 week, what can I do with my membership?”

You can freeze your membership in case you go away more than 1 week. 3 month memberships can be frozen up to 2 weeks. 6 or 12 month memberships can be frozen up to 1 month with or without reason. Freeze requests must be received at least one week in advance in writing.

“What is the cancellation policy?”

You may cancel your membership per the terms and conditions of your Membership Agreement.

To cancel, please call (480) 786-6000 or send an email to taohealingcenters@gmail.com