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“The Center Within” Tao Energy Circles

Tao Energy Circles provide an approximately one year training curriculum ideally suited for those who have a sincere heart to grow and do not live convenient to the Chandler Tao Healing Center. The training involves a combination of retreats / workshops, on-line training, one-on-one consultations with a Tao instructor and an on-line community and resources.

The goal of the Tao Energy Circle is to introduce you to Tao principles and practices, help you to feel and manage your energy system, and to connect with your own inner wisdom. Specifically, the focus of the Circle is to benefit yourself so that you may heal, grow and ultimately connect with your inner wisdom and life purpose. After completing the curriculum, you may choose to go deeper into the practice through Tao Guide or Tao Mastery training.

Learn more by contacting:

JaAe (Rachel) Harbour

Tao Instructor from Tao Healing Center in Chandler, AZ

Phone: 602-538-8923

Email: taocenterwithin@gmail.com