Stress to Strength Retreat

‘Left unchecked, stress can poison every aspect of your life’

It is the #1 killer of humans, causing as much as 60% of all our illness and disease. Chronic stress (the kind modern life is filled with) is linked to higher incidences of ALL SIX of the top premature killers:

  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Lung Disease
  • Accidents
  • Liver Disease
  • Suicide

Simply by living a modern life – full of constant, but not immediately life-threatening stresses your body is tricked into feeling like it is constantly in danger. So, it responds with the classic “fight or flight” stress hormones that helped saved your ancestor’s lives.

Stress hormones contribute to your feelings of:

  • Irritability and unhappiness
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Chronic and acute physical illnesses
  • Apathy and depression
  • Inability to concentrate and think clearly

Many people also contend with the isolation inherent in 21st century lifestyles. We no longer have an extended family close-by – there’s often no one to turn to when stressful events begin to wreak havoc on our mental or physical bodies.

But, the good news is that you can learn to manage life’s stress and mitigate the negative effects. In addition to self-healing exercises and practices, you’ll start to build a community and surround yourself with the loving, supportive people you’ll meet at “From Stress to Strength”.

‘You can learn to use stress to fuel a happier, more productive and healthy lifestyle’

During this retreat you will learn how to transform stress into the strength you need to live the fulfilling, productive, happy life you seek, without giving up your demanding job, family obligations or social activities.

Based on Tao practices and principles, this retreat focuses on the chakras — the power centers of the body, with an emphasis on the sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras.

You will learn to access and use Ki energy to balance your chakras and open blocked meridians, literally detoxing from your stress at a cellular level —  so you can maintain your positive energy, even in challenging situations.

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