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At the Tao Healing Center, we help you to awaken your ability to heal yourself and create healthy and happy relationships and a balanced lifestyle by cultivating your inner power and wisdom.


Our classes offer a dynamic combination of yoga, qi gong, chakra vibration, tapping, breathing, organ detoxification exercises, and meditation to activate the flow of vital energy.


Tao Healing Center offers retreats at Sedona Mago Retreat. Surrounded by red rocks, desert skies and mountains, Sedona is a place for healing and transformation.

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Achy body? Need to detox from a poor diet?

The TAO Healing Center CAN HELP!

Check out our “Simple Stretches” and Detox Classes to help cleanse and strengthen your immune system. 

Try a class! 1st class is free – Wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat or we have mats at our center. You will learn more about your own energy system and how it affects your health and lifestyle. Call or visit us today: 480.786.6000.  Please note: Classes are free for seniors over 65, teens 17 and under and disabled veterans (workshops and retreats are excluded). Reservations recommended.

I could go on a long time about the virtues of the Tao Healing Center. The physical and mental benefits are enormous. It is a a physical workout combined with  mental benefits. You even get good advice on diet and relaxation. I have been doing this for near 2 years, having done exercise but never this kind of program. On a specific basis I can tell you this: my flexibility improvement is amazing, I could barely bend over when I started, less being able to touch the ground. I had some numbness in my feet and circulation problem that no longer exist. I no longer have chronic pain in my left elbow. The aesthetic value of looking better is nice too. I see that also in other members who have lost weight and look great. Plus it is good to be in an atmosphere of positive people. Can not say enough. ~ Ned

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