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Our practice is based on Tao principles, which work in harmony
with people from all religions, backgrounds and walks of life.
Tao simply translates as “a way”, specifically a way to live
in harmony with self, others and the world.


Widely Benefiting All

Along with self happiness comes the desire to help others.
We help ourselves, and we help others…
this is the key to a healed world.

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● Offering training to our community, including foster children,
schools, native Americans, and corporations, etc.

● Membership discounts to seniors, students, veterans, spouses

● Members sponsoring teens to attend Finding Greatness Within workshop

Widely Benefiting All

We help our community through:


Classes include: Tao Healing Yoga, Mindful Yoga for Power,
Chakra Vibration Yoga, Detox Yoga, Tao Tai Chi and Tao Kwon Do

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Join Begin Again with Chun

2 day workshop
Price: $295
@ Chandler Tao Healing Center

A breath away...
one weekend to change your life

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Finding Greatness Within
for teens and young adults

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or young adult can attend for free!

1 day workshop
At Chandler Tao Healing Center


Healthy lifestyle through Tao

Chun Shim, manager of the Tao Healing Center in Chandler, shares the history of Tao Healing Center and explains how you can benefit from Tao.
Come and join one of our Classes or our retreats
“Begin Again” and “From Stress to Strength”!

Bretta Kelly

“I’m most passionate about our ‘Finding True Self” Retreats. It’s very exciting to see the domino effect one after another when we find our own hearts and are able to guide others.” Tao Guide and Instructor Bretta Kelly is teaching the Tao Healing Yoga at 7.15 am on Tuesdays.

Lauri Farr

(her spiritual name is Hwa Ryun, Purple Lotus), “I got off from 6 prescription medications and got emotional strength and stability. I am physically stronger too, So Tao became my passion” Lauri is teaching 9 am classes Monday through Friday and 7.30 pm on Monday with Wooden Pillow.

Our center, located in Chandler, AZ, offers yoga and so much more!

We promote a healthy life style and our one of a kind yoga classes will help you to improve your physical health and spiritual clarity.  Our practice is based on Tao principles which resonate with people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

We have many yoga classes to choose from including Tao Healing Yoga, Mindful Yoga for Power, Chakra Vibration Yoga and Detox Yoga.  Tao Qi and Tao Kwon Do classes are also available. You may wish to start with a private one hour energy evaluation, which will help you to define your goals and choose the classes that will be most beneficial for you. Meet your like-minded Chandler neighbors while increasing your flexibility, reducing your stress and increasing your energy level–all while having FUN!

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